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How does a Kidslet band work?

Please see our >how it works< page, but let us simplify it here:

When you receive your band(s), you scan the QR code on them and you’re able to register an account with our app. The app stores your name, email address, photos of yourself and your phone number.

If your child becomes lost and found by a stranger, once they scan the QR code on the band, they will be able to contact you. Not only can they call you, they can send their exact (and I mean exact) location and you will receive this via text message and email.

Is it a GPS tracker and does it count steps?

No and No. Our bands are not GPS trackers and can’t count steps. Kidslet is a safety band that relies on a stranger scanning your child’s band (if your child is lost), giving them access to your phone number, your photos (so they can recognise you to reunite you and the lost child) and the ability for the stranger to send GPS coordinates, sourced from their mobile phone.

How long is delivery and do you ship outside of the UK?

We post all of our orders via Royal Mail 2nd class (so 3-5 working days delivery). Each Kidslet band is scanned before the order is shipped, so in the unlikely event that your order is lost in the post, we’ll disable and void the band(s). We only ship within the UK at this time.

Is my user information safe?

Yes! Our app is built on Bubble, the most powerful no code platform source. Bubble takes data security and privacy very seriously and employs a range of measures to protect our app and user data. Some of these measures include:

  1. Encryption: Bubble uses encryption to secure data both in transit (using SSL/TLS) and at rest (using AES-256 encryption).
  2. Infrastructure: Bubble’s infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is known for its high security standards and robust infrastructure.
  3. Regular Updates: Bubble continuously updates its platform and incorporates security best practices to protect against potential vulnerabilities.

Why was Kidslet formed?

Kidslet is a very unique product and brand. You won’t find anything like our product available. We formed Kidslet because we found that some GPS trackers can be too bulky for a child under 8 years. Our Kidslet bands can fit all ages, but they are marketed for kids under 8 years. We recommend kids 8+ use a >kids gps watch<.

Can Kidslet bands work outside of the UK?

Yes they can. Our Kidslet bands can work anywhere in the world. Perfect for taking on holiday for extra peace of mind.

What is your returns / warranty information?

If you’re not happy with our product, or feel that it’s not for you, please contact us within one month of purchase date and we’ll refund you. We can’t offer refunds after the one month date has passed. Our bands come with a one year warranty.

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