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Kidslet - The Bracelet For Lost Kids
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 7 reviews
 by Jess
Actually really really good

I bought a band as I saw them on offer and I'm actually quite surprised how handy they are. My son has a GPS watch, but my daughter is 6, so too young for a watch and this ticks all of the boxes. Super easy to use!

 by Cass
Back to buy another one!

Really impressed with this band. We bought one for our 6 year old son, and now back to buy one for our 4 year old daughter. It takes about 2 minutes to set up and really does give you peace of mind when you're out with your kids. I love the fact that they are waterproof too. We're going to take ours to the beach (when the weather is better!!)

 by Jenny Amos
Better than what I was expecting

I noticed that these bands were on offer, and we had a day trip coming up with our daughter, so I thought we would test one out. They are actually really good. The band is very light weight so it was fine for my daughter to wear. It's clever because once the band is scanned, the finder of the child can call you, send you a text and send you there precise location. It's very clever. I'll buy another one soon for my son. Thanks x

 by Jeff
Amazing for the price

I bought this band as it was on special offer and honestly, didn't expect it to be too much, but I was wrong. It's a really clever piece of kit and we've really started to rely on it now when we take my son out. It's all of our details on our sons wrist, and godforbid if our boy was missing, once the band is scanned, we can be called and even sent the exact location of the band by text message. It opens up a google maps link. Really quite clever

 by Lara
Brilliant. Just Brilliant

What an amazing invention. All kids should be wearing these. We've had ours for a few days now and won't let our daughter leave the house without wearing her kidslet band. Very clever and such good value for money. 110% recommend this to parents. Try it, you have nothing to lose!

 by Leslie

Excellent product. Give us peace of mind when we're out with our child.

 by Becky

These bands are great if you're looking for peace of mind. All of our contact info is stored in the app, so we can be contacted if our kids go missing