Our one size fits all band will bring you peace of mind as a parent. Our bands have a simple registration process and you will be notified in the event that your child becomes lost. If your child is missing, the QR code on the band has the ability to show your phone number (so the finder of the child can call you) and the ability to show the exact location of the child.

The location of the lost child will be sent to your registered phone number and email address, displayed in Google Maps.

Our bands will also display your childs medical conditions (if any) and medicine (if any). They also have the ability to show your photo (or of the childs guardian) so you can be reunited faster.

Kidslet Smartbands are a unique product that you will love as a parent, and your child will love to wear! Our bands are available in bright, vibrant colours.

For more information on how our product works, please visit our >How It Works< page


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